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For the study, 305 men and women between ages 17 and 36 were randomly assigned to view one of four profile pictures of the same male and female.

Mais c’est encore mieux quand on est entre de bonnes mains !

Instead of just cataloging what you do, add some personality!

Don’t be afraid to admit a quirk or two, make a goofy joke, or tell the endearingly embarrassing story about a time you were traveling/snowboarding/watching sports. Hint: No one gets bored if they’re like is far more telling about you as a person than what you don’t.

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of just listing your hobbies, interests, activities, qualities, whatever(! But while “I like to travel, snowboard, and watch sports,” is somewhat informative, it’s also pretty robotic.

And while a match might be able to come up with a good message with the given information, it’s more likely he or she will end up stumped on what to say.

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