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He has to like you back and you have to get past your first date. Your dress is handpicked, the shoes are coordinated, the handbag is classy and not to mention your hair—just out of a shampoo commercial. Whether it's dinner, coffee or just the frozen yoghurt store, he will be gauging you as a potential partner. So apart from your appearance, there are a few things you have to remember not to bring up on your first date. Also not a good thing to discuss--crushes and infatuations. This one’s definitely worse than the “ex-boyfriends”. Do not share details about that crazy night after a rock concert, when you went backstage and hooked up with the bass guitarist. Also do not be presumptuous and indicate any future activities together, like a second date.

Don’t ever talk about meeting the parents on the first date. There should be no talk of wanting to introduce him to your mother.

Die Chemie stimmt und ihr kommt niemals in die Verlegenheit nicht zu wissen, was ihr sagen sollt.

Manchmal aber (ok, wenn wir ehrlich sind wohl meistens) gehen solche ersten Treffen nicht immer ganz so glatt über die Bühne.

Some people think it’s too early to talk about introducing him to your girl friends too.

But depending on how the evening goes, you can use your discretion about this one.

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  1. "I don't know who it's weirder for.""I never looked at him as somebody that was good looking, I never looked at him as somebody that wasn't," Mila continued.