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I know that many users of Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 had real issues when they found out that Quick Books 2017 wasn't going to run under that particular server OS because Quick Books wouldn't recognize it as a supported server OS when attempting to install.Those problems should now be resolved with this latest update.This is the same update that Intuit included in Quick Books 2015 R13 and Quick Books 2016 R10 (see details in this article).If you are using a Quick Books add-on product then you see this problem.My initial attempts to contact Customer Support today to discuss these issues were met by busy signals.Subsequently, an Intuit spokesperson told Insightful Accountant, "while a few isolated incidents have occurred due to the uniqueness of customers’ Quick Books files, we are working with those few individuals to alleviate their issues.

Sometimes, that verified data still will not upgrade to the newer version.This complexity means that Quick Books is prone to having problems.I do a lot of work on Quick Books and have gathered some of the common issues I deal with almost daily.After updating, some Users began to report an update loop error where the update doesn't install and keeps telling them to update.In one such case, involving one of my own clients, we uninstalled Quick Books completely, reinstalled it from the last release download, and then the client was able to go right back to work without attempting the new update again.

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