Windows xp sysprep error updating registry

Hello, My old motherboard died without my having the ability to delete the old drivers off of the hard drive.

I have installed a new motherboard and am attempting to boot into the old hard drive, however, Windows 7 will simply start up, try to load the files, and then enter a restart loop. It cannot find the appropiate files to boot off the hard drive because the new motherboard is conflicting with the old drivers on the old hard drive.

I don't mind if you put disclaimers stating that this fix might stain your washing blue or kill your puppies and that it wasn't Microsoft's fault in the first place that some 13 year installed your PC while playing with his whatevers...

This is especially prominent in overclocked systems.

If you believe you have received this message in error, please check with your system administrator.

I have a Windows-based computer stuck in an infinite reboot loop.

Why does this happen, and how do I keep it from continuing?

The computer restart loop problem is often the result of a device driver, a bad system component or hardware that causes a Windows system to spontaneously reboot in the middle of the boot process.

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The end result is a machine that can never boot completely.

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